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Universal Converter ver. 1.10
 This Universal Converter allows you to convert to and from many UK, US and metric units. To do a convers...
Motion Detection ver. 1.01
 Motion Detection is an application that saves still pictures and/or makes .avi files when anything in mot...
Birthday Reminder ver. 1.01
 Birthday Reminder is a small application that takes place in the system tray. It searches your default Wi...
File Downloader ver. 1.01
 File Downloader is a small command-line tool which allows the downloading of a file from a HTTP or a FTP ...
File Uploader ver. 1.04
 FileUploader is a small command-line tool which allows the uploading of one or many files (wildcards allo...
DynSite ver. 1.11 (776.2)
 DynSite automatically updates your dynamic IP address each time it changes on one or many dynamic DNS ser...
Universal Plug-and-Play Tester ver. 2.01
 UPnP Tester is an experimental tool which lists all the available devices compatible with the Universal P...
DnsLibrary ver. 1.0
 The DNS Library is a COM object that makes dynamic DNS updates to BIND, Microsoft and other RFC-2136-comp...
Locked Files Wizard ver. 2.01
 The Locked Files Wizard (formerly CopyLock) is a simple assistant that allows you to replace, to move, to...
AMCap ver. 9.08
 AMCap is a small yet fully functional video capture and preview application compatible with Microsoft Dir...
Dynamic Update Tester ver. 1.01
 Dynamic Update Tester is an application to test dynamic updates (RFC2136) on DNS servers. The latest vers...
Line Counter ver. 1.02
 Line Counter is a command-line tool for software developers. It reports the total number of lines of code...
Webcam Diagnostics ver. 1.02
 Webcam Diagnostics (CamDiag) is a simple assistant which gathers many system and webcam-related informati...
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